because fuck you studio perriot
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Team 7 VS Ice Bucket Challenge! | {x}
Badly animated panels of Sasuke and Sakura!  ヽ(;▽;)ノ 
caps by mrsjblack
I want to keep standing by Naruto-kuns side forever!
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"Naruto-kun! You're alive -- - I thought that Madara.."
"Don't worry, I'm here now.."

Kaguya’s hair does not look like hair cloak… :D


Kaguya’s hair does not look like hair cloak… :D


Wake up 

30 Day Naruto Challenge

Day 21: Favourite ending; 29




          A bit of silence passes before Sasuke turns towards the Hyuuga heir
          next to him, a small 'heh' releasing from thin tiers as she confesses to
          at least enjoying his company from time to time.

          “Is that so? You’d probably be better off not accompanying with
          me. I am the traitor of Konoha after all.” 
A lot of people don’t bother
          talking to him anymore either. Guess that’s what trying to destroy a village
          gets someone.

                                       Ya’ think so?!”

The heiress asked confused, as one never thought that way. She never thought to be correct, but she respected the decisions of the Uchiha. “I think you, Sasuke-kun, had your reasons”

She smiled a sweet smile on the lips of the girl.

"And it does not even matter, as you are here giving your best for Konoha, even a blind man could see it"

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