SasuSaku Month 2014 - Day 18: Dropping Your Guard 



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Hyūga Hinata requested by Yessie  (≧◡≦)

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Have you noticed how Naruhina becomes interesting and powerful when the couple has to face adversity together? Life can be very difficult. These two are living proof. You may come from a powerful Clan or carry immense power within yourself, and all this can cause their further suffering. Hinata suffered front of the inability to overcome the great expectations of her Clan, while Naruto knew what being frowned upon and excluded for something that was never his fault. But I believe that the key to NH was just that. It is important for your well-being to have this kind of bond with someone. Someone who feel affinity for you now, and understand how you feel. The great moments NH happened on that basis. When Naruto had doubts about their strength and ability, Hinata was there to tell him it is not so and that his strength comes precisely from the fact that he never quit even how often fail. When Naruto had his beliefs rocked by Pain, Hinata bowed before him and gave him a reason to not give up. When Hinata was considered useless, Naruto appeared to tell her not to be so hard on herself, because as she taught him, the strength is not giving up, not win, and he is very grateful for everything. When Naruto was about to fall on his knees before Obito and cruelty around him insisted throw him down the cliff, Hinata slapped him dragging her out of him stupor. And that is why I pride myself both of my OTP. They were not much, but they proved that with hard work and willpower you get there. It is a working couple with their beliefs and have each other to keep them alive. A couple of strong moral and tenacious fight for what they believe. NH is not only about love. But about two people who were born together and lead to change.


It’s funny when NS argue that Naruto has no pretensions to be with Hinata, without bothering to defend it’s the same as Naruto opt out of his character. Not that he is obliged to return her feelings. It was never about that. But being honest: why Naruto would be holding hands with a girl he knows she is in love with him? Why did not he rejected her confession after fight with Pain, has no interest in her? These are questions I ask myself every day, and why for me NH is 100% right. Naruto reject Hinata now, makes it appear that he has deceived Hinata all this time, which makes a complete fool without feelings. You can see a title character leaving such a dishonorable message like this? NS likes to downplay the importance, character and development of Hinata. Have you noticed how everything about her, there is never such things? “Oh, she’s a secondary,” “Oh, he just never bother with her” “Oh the times of them is not all that.” Underestimate the one girl who has been called the heroine and the one that Kishimoto said he want to be matched. They think Hinata, of all people, should go ahead and finish with Kiba (yes, oddly enough, the one that is the NH shipper number 1). They also argue that she should not have an outcome with Naruto as an excuse that a female character should not be so dependent, as if Hinata was based only on Naruto as if we don’t knew that they say it just to get her away from Naruto, and never because they think the best for her. Argue that NH will not happen even if Hinata has stated her desire to be with him forever, and any time she emphasizes the devotion of her love for him, because it also depends on the formalization of Naruto, as if they had Sakura and Naruto willing to create something together. Speaking of us, as if they had at least one of them involved with intent to romanticize their relationship. Naruto has proved an SS shipper. He likes Hinata as a person and know how she feels. I do not see why not give her a chance. The fact that he is grateful for saving it twice, thanked her for always being by his side and held her hand, tells me that yes, he’s starting to like her or at least will start to like romantically. In addition, he has continued to inspire her to keep her intentions to conquer him. His smile showed the 633 is the biggest proof of how positively he is receptive to her. There is no sign of rejection. NH has the largest and most progressive opportunity to be cannon in this manga. Can mark these words. I have no doubt what I advocate. It’s all just a matter of time. Only a matter of time…


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A woman is the reflection of her man.

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I don't hide behind a Super Goddess

Karin's wearing konoha's vest 'cause of a headcanon of mine


Source: サスサク × 685 | 靜 [pixiv] 


Source: サスサク × 685 | 靜 [pixiv] 

kiba for gatsugaa